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Since 2001, Hope Hoffman has worked full-time as a freelance performer, teacher and writer of dance, music and theater. She earned her B.A. in creative writing and journalism in 1998, and began working as a teacher, writer and modern/classical dancer in 1999.

With a musical style is noted for its evocative beauty and rough-and-tumble playfulness, Hope plays fiddle and viola for contra dances, teaches fiddle lessons, and also leads sessions for children's museums and festivals featuring live fiddle music, creative movement and folk dance.

Her recent CD releases, including many original compositions, are:

Field Recordings at Maine Dance Halls

Live, Original Fiddle with Kittlish Trio

Traditional Irish Instrumentals

She is the founder and director of the Town Hall Theater Group, presenting original theater, dance and clowning shows with traditional live music, and hosting potlucks promoting local farm foods. Since 2002 the group has given 34 performances of 14 original shows, written and performed by Hope and the company, in grange halls and other small, acoustic venues throughout Maine.

Hope has been presenting her choreography since 1993, and performing dance since 1980.

Her experience with children includes leading a summer dance camp, and teaching dance and theater classes at schools in Maine. She also created and lead dance activities for a literacy project and as Assistant Teacher at a Montessori preschool.


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