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Understanding & Accommodating People with MCS
By Pamela Reed Gibson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology at James Madison University. Focusing on the life-changing impacts of MCS on employment, housing, and public accessibility.

Maine Government Overview of Environmental Illness
An easy-to-read listing of common questions and general information.

An Overview of MCS
History and general medical explanation of chemical sensitivity/environmental illnesses.

Workplace Health
A brief, practical summary of environmental illness and ways to support health in the workplace.

Chemical Sensitivity Causes & Effects
"Multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) affect some individuals who are unable to withstand exposure to synthetic products common to our environment." -- National disability advocate Susan Molloy, from her short and informative article.

Chemical Sensitivity
Gives a "big picture" of environmental illnesses and offers some additional scientific ideas.

Halifax, Nova Scotia
This city has a municipal "scent-awareness" program which apparently has been very successful.

Housing for Chemically Sensitive People
A snapshot of some challenges in housing, food and medical care for chemically sensitive people. Also has links to listings of housing options for sale/rent.

Stages of MCS Progression
Describes how the illness progresses in medical terms, from the initial onset to long-term deterioration of organ tissue.

Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D.
Environmental writer, speaker and activist. Her warmth and meticulousness were outstanding when I was a student in one of her university poetry classes. Her books are very well-written and conceived, and useful.


US Government Report on Fragrance Chemicals
Regarding public access to buildings and access for people with chemical sensitivities as a disability.

Policy for Indoor Air Quality in Workplaces
This is a copy of the Center for Disease Control's policy for their workplace.

Chemical Exposures to Fragrances; Models for Fragrance Policies
From the Massachusetts Nurses Association. Well-organized and, of course, scientific.

US Government Report "General Guidance for Building Cleaning Programs"
Outlines Procedures and gives specific recommendations for "less toxic cleaning" of public buildings.

U.S. National Library of Medicine
Articles including "Acute toxic effects of fragrance products" and "Toxic effects of air freshener emissions."

Indoor Environmental Air Quality Recommendations
A list of very useful links from the US government's Access Board, an independent federal agency devoted to accessibility for people with disabilities.

Environmental Working Group
This organization's recommendations have been incorporated into recent changes in policies regarding harmful chemicals. Website includes easily searchable categories to find detailed facts about specific substances, as well as general overviews.

Campaign for Cleaner Indoor Air
The sensibility of this is article a bit messy, but it succeeds in collecting some ideas about the bigger picture of fragrance products as well as some listings of specific chemicals.

Fragranced Products Information Network
A fairly well-written summary of chemicals used in fragrance products and the social, industrial and medical implications.

(Links to additional information about MCS are welcomed via e-mail.)


Salt Institute for Documentary Studies
Undergraduate and graduate courses in photography, writing and radio. Students record contemporary Maine through field research, which is presented in a photography gallery, magazine and archives.

Positive Futures Network/Yes Magazine
Informative, compact and quite fascinating articles detailing helpful ideas for the future, and admirable projects currently underway.

State of Maine
Site lists legislation, staff etc.

Project Vote Smart
Nonpartisan, easy to use and comprehensive. Enter your zip code to see who your representatives are.

Maine Public Radio
Around election time, this site has information on the issues being voted on.

Electricity from renewable Maine resources
Through Maine Interfaith Power and Light, individuals and organizations in Maine can keep their same account with the electric company, while paying towards using 100% renewable energy (wind, water and wood, generated in Maine).

Uncle Henry's
Well-designed site lets you search classified ads for "just about anything under the sun," and find pets "free to good home." It's great! Between this and the recycling center, I furnished my entire house.

Simple registration to block telemarketers calls for your home/cell phone number for 5 years. Seems to work well.
Also, post offices have a form you can fill out to stop getting third class mail.

Maine Eastern Railroad
Train service May-October from Brunswick to Rockland.

Train Riders Northeast
A volunteer organization dedicated to modern and efficient passenger rail service in Northern New England.

Frequent train service from Maine to Boston with many stops along the way in southern Maine and New Hampshire.

Saving on Heating Costs
I think this is the most practical way to save heating fuel: weatherproof the building so the heat actually stays in it. Here's a basic listing of efficiency tips.

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