Link to free audio of "Neofa Farewell" recorded live at a contra dance, on composer Hope Hoffman's CD "FIDDLEDANCEMUSIC: Field Recordings in Maine 2006-2008"

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A part (does not repeat)

C C F F ~ G G G G
C C F F ~ G G C C

B part (does not repeat)

C C F G ~ C am dm G7
C C F F ~ G G C G

This waltz started out as a joke, but has turned out to be quite a popular tune. Jay Ungar's waltz
"Ashokan Farewell" (famously featured in the PBS Civil War series) was written because he was sad to leave Ashokan fiddle camp, so I wrote one about being sad to leave Maine Fiddle Camp, which is held on the campground of the New England Odd Fellows Association (the sign at the entrance says "Camp NEOFA"). I'm hoping people will think this waltz is really, really old.

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"Neofa Farewell" is recorded on two tracks of the live CD "FIDDLEDANCE MUSIC," and is also track #5 on the CD "Infinite Winter Squash: New Maine Fiddle Music"

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