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Hope Hoffman's Dance & Theater with Live Music

Classes, Workshops, School Residencies & Performance Projects


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All classes include a musician, which greatly enriches the experience! This is included in the class fee.


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Imaginative Musical Workshops

Stretch the imagination with guided, spontaneous creative movement, as well as learning about specific movement styles. Interaction with live music adds depth and dimension to our expression and enjoyment.

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Theater & Movement Performance Projects

For after-school or in-school programs, and ideal for home-school programs. Original scripts can be provided, written by Hope Hoffman, or created in collaboration with participants.

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Movement Classes for Adults and Children

Creative Movement, Modern Dance, Ballet and Improvisation

A fun and thoughtful approach guides students to develop healthy posture, flexibility and strength. We'll keep the imagination active and enjoy the variety of individuals' movement styles.

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Interactive Performances

With no stage or electrical equipment required, low-tech and highly engaging shows provide a flexible, warm and lively connection for all participants.

Includes dance, theater, clowning and live music.

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Hope Hoffman has been a freelance dance teacher since 1999 and a full-time performer including fiddle music since 2001. Her sessions of music and dance for children have been presented at the Children's Museum of Maine in Portland, Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick, the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor, and the Long Island Children's Museum in New York. Her audio clips and résumé are at

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