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The word "kittlish" is a Scottish word for "ticklish."

More accurately translated as "a live wire," actually.

Here's a visual idea of the band's musical and verbal playfulness.

mark mattos photo

The punch line of a story. Hugh is always surprised, it's a new ticklish twist every time.

mark mattos photo

Singing with Larry about Jenny Jenkins eating her vegetables. Hugh is a jaw harp champ.

mark mattos photo

At One Longfellow Square, a wide-flung array of instruments and equipment, including several winter squashes.

mark mattos photo

Caught us in a serious moment, perhaps in the middle of a tricksy hornpipe-ish tune.

paul andrew photo

Not a serious moment.

paul andrew photo

Recording a performance in Brunswick, Maine. A very nice view of Larry's bouzouki.

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