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Why is my process important?

It's how things get done, how anything gets done. Nothing happens without a process. If you can decipher and improve your process for whatever you're working on, the project will go better and you'll get more fulfillment, from both the process and the outcome.

Is this just for artists?

Nope. It's not about making art. It's about making discoveries and decisions, designs and delights of all sorts.

Is there a therapeutic or spiritual benefit?

That depends. I approach creative process mentoring with an outlook similar to a craftsperson, scientist or explorer. When things function better, people usually end up feeling better.

Will this make me more creative?

I'm not trying to get you to be more creative or more imaginative I'm sure you already are! My mentoring will facilitate a more fulfilling process for you.

Do I need to prepare material for my sessions with you?

Only if you want to. All program prices, even the free introductory phone call, include 20 minutes of me reading/listening/viewing material you have sent by e-mail. I'll send you that address as a reply to your inquiry, so I can learn more about your goals before we begin. It's optional for you, but is certainly helpful.

How do I book an in-person group workshop?

Group workshops are wonderful programs for your community, library, retreat center, etc. My travel schedule varies, so let me know well in advance what you have in mind; or if you hear I'm in your area, get in touch to see what's possible spontaneously. Send me ideas for specific topics or themes, or I can design a workshop that covers all the basics.

How does mentoring differ from coaching?

Beyond offering expertise and encouragement, mentoring brings you a measure of depth and relationship from someone who has walked down a similar path before.

Why is a mentor different than a class or online course?

Working with a mentor offers you insights, perspective, expertise and support from a dedicated mind and soul. Each person's process is absolutely unique, so your mentoring program will focus on discovering and designing very specific structures and skills.

What programs do you offer?

Details of current programs are here. More are being developed and I'm open to your ideas. And, I offer everyone a FREE 30-minute phone call.

Here's to empowering your process,

Susan Hope Hoffman

Who is Susan Hope?

‘She was born for this work.’- J.K.

‘She gets stuff done, but her process is hilarious.’- S.C.

‘A winning combination of artistry & organization.’- K.L.

‘Such a good performer. Intensely rich.’- S. P.

‘A testament to the imagination.’- M.M.

‘A magical creature.’- N.C.

‘Inspiring.’- A.L.

‘Foxy.’- R.E.

‘Who is this genius?’- J.M.

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