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I believe in the ultimate power of each person's creative process, and am honored to offer mentoring services to bring yours into tip-top shape.

Choose your custom-designed programme:

Your Creative Compass
(3 telephone sessions within 1-3 months)

Find the strongest points in your creative process, plan how to build on those strengths, delve into possible new directions – and gain skills to navigate that uncharted territory you've always wanted to explore.

Focus on a particular project's process, or cover your overall creative process.

Get oriented towards your present and future process, explore particular areas you're most curious about, and map out goals and ideas.

A great introduction, a simple format: 3 hour-long one-to-one phone calls; and a custom-created 3-page workbook of exercises, supportive reminders, plans and structures I will write just for you.

Flexible scheduling. Total of $200.

Enrol anytime

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"Create Your Heart's Hearth"

Build your heart's true home of comfort & creativity

(5 telephone sessions within 1-2 months)

Nourish and enhance your holidays and the new year to come. Spend the winter holiday season creating the best 'hearth-space' your heart: a strong, sustainable creative space where your heart's creativity can dwell and develop.

I will mentor your process of envisioning, designing, and inhabiting this space. Build your heart's true home of comfort and creativity, grounded in your strengths and expanding outward from your center.

A wonderful holiday gift to yourself, or to a friend or loved one. The programme includes 5 hour-long one-to-one telephone sessions and 5 lengthy e-mail conversations. Flexible scheduling. This one-to-one, intensive programme is at a bargain price for the holiday season! A special opportunity to have 8-10 hours of private mentoring for a small price ($345 total). And, 20% of proceeds will be donated to Heart to Heart International.

[Link to enrolment]

Group workshops are wonderful programmes for your community, library, retreat center, etc. Send ideas for themes, or I can design a workshop covering the basics.

I'll lead group discussions and exercises to build all participants' confidence, skills, and sense of adventure in the realm of creative process exploration.

[Send an inquiry]

 Working with a mentor offers you insights, perspective, expertise and support from a dedicated mind and soul.

Each person's process is absolutely unique, so your mentoring program will focus on discovering and designing very specific structures and skills.

All programme prices, even the free introductory phone call, include 20 minutes of me reading/listening/viewing material you have sent by e-mail. I will send you the address when scheduling, so I can learn more about your goals before we begin.

I'm so happy to connect and start sharing ideas and expertise with you. So let's talk! Schedule your FREE 30-minute phone call.

And, sign up to get free articles and interviews I will be writing monthly.

Here's to empowering your process,

Susan Hope Hoffman

Who is Susan Hope?

‘She was born for this work.’- J.K.

‘She gets stuff done, but her process is hilarious.’- S.C.

‘A winning combination of artistry & organization.’- K.L.

‘Such a good performer. Intensely rich.’- S. P.

‘A testament to the imagination.’- M.M.

‘A magical creature.’- N.C.

‘Inspiring.’- A.L.

‘Foxy.’- R.E.

‘Who is this genius?’- J.M.

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