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Working with me as a mentor offers you insights, perspective, expertise and support from a dedicated mind and soul.

For over 15 years I've worked as a full-time freelance performer, composer, choreographer and teacher, specializing in coaching and collaborating, while also presenting solo performances and projects. My first degree was in creative writing and journalism, plus a minor and honors in cultural anthropology, and a minor in dance. I'm enrolled in a doctoral program at University of Exeter, UK researching transformational creative processes.

I've been teaching, creating and presenting experimental and folk-based performance artworks since 1996 - with productions including audio recordings, live performances, scripts, musical compositions, choreography, curricula and teaching methods. Each piece of my body of work was designed as an avenue for pursuing questions about creative process, and each project was a platform for improving material and employing specific techniques. My innovations in the field of folk music include music/movement/theater workshops, performances, recordings which all elicit the audiences' creative process.

As a creative thinker and educator, my practice throughout the past two decades has explored/developed special methods of engaging creative process. They activate and engage the imagination, and create spaces and invitations for creativity without self-consciousness. These methods not only facilitate listening, improvisation and flow - they synergize those elements to generate a collaborative creative process (between musician and instrument, between group participants, and between performer and audience). My original curricula all introduce students to their personal creative process, and effectively build their confidence in it.

In 1999 I began my professional freelance teaching career by teaching teenagers my curriculum of choreography and improvisation. This evolved into an intergenerational curriculum of movement and music, employing my expertise in guiding engagement in creative process through folk music.

I've been developing/teaching a curriculum of technique and musicality for beginning violin students since 2001. The violin is a complex, difficult instrument; my curriculum gives students a skill set to navigate their unique challenges throughout the learning process. And, I incorporate musicality and artistry into even the most inexperienced players' daily practice, which gives all students confidence and tools to develop and believe in their own creative process.

Now my programs include individual mentoring for the creative process itself, in whatever setting the client chooses (e.g. a business plan, an art project, a life change). The program includes simple custom-choreographed movement exercises, to help clients explore and facilitate their new strategies.

I provide all my students (whether mentoring clients, parent-child workshop participants, dancers or musicians) with a positive experience of engagement with their creative process.

My leadership, curricula and methods allow participants to experience their creativity at a visceral level. They develop their own strengths and delve into their unique creative processes.

When you've gained a level of comfort and familiarity working with your creative process, you'll be inspired to approach additional challenges in the future using a your empowered creative mind set and skill set!

Each person's process is absolutely unique, so we'll focus on discovering and designing a structure that works for you.

My role is to nourish, expand and fortify your process: I'll lead us through lively conversations, research relevant literature, give expert advice, and custom-design your exercises and workbooks.

To talk further about my experience and background, schedule your FREE 30-minute phone call.

Here's to empowering your process,

Susan Hope Hoffman

Who is Susan Hope?

"She was born for this work." - J.K.

"She gets stuff done, but her process is hilarious." - S.C.

"A winning combination of artistry and organization." - K.L.

"Such a good performer. Intensely rich." - S. P.

"A testament to the imagination." - M.M.

"A magical creature." - N.C.

"Inspiring." - A.L.

"Foxy." - R.E.

"Who is this genius?" - J.M.

Susan Hope Hoffman's Creating & Teaching CV

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