"Pure New England fiddle music, proud of its rural past, relishing the present ... the feeling of a warm kitchen above a well-stocked root cellar ... The performances are inviting, warm, energized and straight ahead, with a bit of mischief thrown in."
- Greg Boardman, longtime Maine fiddler and teacher, bowandstring.com


Live, Original Fiddle

"Cows go Sailing"

Live recordings of original fiddle compositions, with the sprightly Kittlish trio's viola, cittern, guitar, percussion and jaw harp.

Hoffman's imaginative, narrative and earthy approach to composing gives her tunes an inner life and engaging personalities, while grounding them in rhythms and phrasing which traditional dancers enjoy.

Live Barn Dances

"FIDDLEDANCEMUSIC: Field Recordings in Maine"

Field recordings of fiddler Hope Hoffman & guitarist Jim Berrier playing at dances in Maine, warming up in old dance halls, and entertaining at a family dinner -- very "live" and full of fun, comedy and adventure!

Journey with the musicians through this natural and playful documentary of musical dialogues.

Irish Instrumental Duets

"Hoffman & Trippe"

Gracefully improvised phrasing and a lush, emotional texture.

Elegant, spontaneous settings of popular Irish tunes (plus a couple of Hoffman's compositions).

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Maine fiddler Hope Hoffman presents lively and inventive performances of original tunes and the traditional Maine music which inspires them.

Known for her warm and personable performances from Presque Isle to Manhattan, Hope Hoffman has been a professional musician in Maine for over a decade, sharing a rhythmic and lyrical repertoire including Irish, Scottish, French Canadian, Welsh and Scandinavian tunes in addition to her new compositions.

Her musical style is noted for its evocative beauty and rough-and-tumble playfulness, with influences including Maine dance fiddlers and early music. Combining a natural warmth and enthusiasm with insightful and creative musicianship, Hoffman takes old tunes on enchanting, detailed adventures and new tunes to delighted audiences and dancers.

Hope's collection of original fiddle tunes was written while living in Maine surrounded by a community of farmers, artists and other independent-minded people, exploring and appreciating the varied landscape and unique personality of Maine.

The stories behind the tunes are generally about farm foods, weather, and the related adventures of neighbors and friends.

The albums of original tunes were recorded by Hope Hoffman & Kittlish (www.kittlish.com); "Kittlish" is a Scottish slang word for "ticklish." The trio features Larry Burkett on guitar and bouzouki, Hugh McGinness on cittern, cross-tuned guitar and jaw harp, and Hope Hoffman on fiddle, viola and vocals. The 2007 "Infinite Winter Squash" album was re-issued in 2010 as "Cows go Sailing," including even more live concert performances and additional compositions.

Some of Hope's original tunes are also on her new CDs "FIDDLEDANCE MUSIC: Field Recordings in Maine 2006-2008," and the "Hoffman & Trippe" album of Irish instrumental duets.

Concerts and CD sales are often partnered with businesses and organizations supporting local foods.



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CDs are available at:

Center for Maine Craft (W. Gardiner, ME)

Belfast Co-op (Belfast, ME)


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Here's a sampling of tracks from the CDs:

Quadrille (traditional; arrangement/ recording © Hope Hoffman 2007)

Neofa Farewell (tune and recording © Hope Hoffman 2007)

8th of February (tune and recording © Hope Hoffman 2007)

Out on the Water (tune and recording © Hope Hoffman 2005)


Hope Hoffman's compositions and recordings can be licensed for use in video and web productions. [link to contact Hope for licensing fees]

Live recordings of Hope playing her compositions for fiddle are scheduled to be background music for films about Maine, as well as other traditional Maine tunes performed by Hope for various other films, broadcast online at www.cbctv.de; a film called „Horch – Ein Audi !“ features Hope's recording of the Westmanland Schottische.

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Thanks to those who played a major role in this CD's creation/production, including Tom Rota & Doug Protsik.


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